How To Have Fun At A Strip Club in Pittsburgh

It used to be that a strip club was the last thing to do on the list.  Friends or bachelors would go out to dinner, hit the local Pittsburgh bars first and end up at the local titty bar last, usually to close down the place. However, strip clubs have evolved and offer more than just a myriad of dancers showing off their pole tricks and gymnastic stripping techniques.  Service is personalized and experience exemplified.   Customers don’t have to choose strip clubs as the last destination of the night. If you have an appreciation for the female form, art of the twerk, you will be tickled pink to know strip clubs also offer dinner, night life entertainment, special guest entertainers, porn stars, performers, Hookahs and even sports along with the sexy entertainment.   So with all this entertainment, how exactly does one have fun at a strip club in Pittsburgh? 


Research the Club Beforehand

It’s always good to check out the club’s website to see what they offer.  Some clubs are topless, some are BYOB, some close early.  Many gentlemen’s clubs have cool events, like theme parties, Sports watch parties often accompanied by a special.    You’ll get a good idea if this is the place for you. Once you make your selection, try to wear something you look and feel good in, whatever that may be. And bring a friend, strip club parties are more fun with a friend.


Buy the Package or a la carte?

Many times, you’ll get the lowdown of VIP as soon as you enter the club.  Hosts are very helpful in upselling their service.  But perhaps is best to scope out the club first.  Sit at the bar, or a table, buy a drink before you decide if partying VIP style is worth it.


Buy food

Many strip clubs have restaurants so you don’t need to leave to find the nearest greasy drive thru food joint to fill up on.  You can continue your entertainment, drinks and enjoy a juicy burger, tenders or even a delicious rated steak without leaving the club.


Get a dance

For the terminally shy, the process is quite simple.  First find a cute girl and simply ask, “Are you available for a private dance?" or "How much for a private dance?"  If you are too shy to ask a girl yourself, you can always ask the club host to have her visit your table.  


Tip on stage

If asking for a table dance is too much for you to do, maybe sitting at the stage is an easier process.  You can scope out the different types of girls, slip a dollar or two into their thong and get a better idea of what girl you are building the courage to ask for that private dance later.


Have Fun

Whether you’re a Pittsburghtonian looking for a place to go after a Steelers game, or a tourist visiting the world’s first T-Rex fossil don’t forget to make a stop at the popular local strip club and most importantly, have fun!